Gople wins the Wallpaper Design Award 2019

Sustainability and wellbeing were the focus of 2018. That’s why the Gople Group, from BIG, for Artemide, won the Quality of Life Improvement Award of the Year.

“For those struggling to keep their living flora alive and alive, the Gople can prove to be a boon. Working together with lighting specialist Artemide and the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the lamp is equipped with lighting technology that promotes plant growth while providing a functional white light. The lighting system RWB (red-white-blue), patented by Artemide in 2011, replaces the “red-green-blue” standard, a privileged combination for the psychophysical well-being of man and plants. Hand blown according to an old Venetian technique, the white crystal lamp is also available in silver and transparent bronze finishes. “